‘Home of the Dragon’ Episode 6 Recap: A Tense Time Leap


Time jumps are dangerous enterprise, however HBO is not identified for being shy. Home of the Dragon’s sixth episode, titled The Princess and the Queen, takes place over 10 years after episode 5. Meaning a bunch of latest faces: Emma D’Arcy is Rhaenyra Targaryen now, whereas Olivia Cooke performs Queen Alicent. Each Laenor and Laena Velaryon have new actors in John Macmillan and Nanna Blondell.

Tensions are a lot worse between Rhaenyra and the queen, who each have a squad of kids operating about. In any case, Alicent’s inexperienced gown in episode 5 did portend struggle. The battlelines are slowly however absolutely being drawn.

A full recap of Home of the Dragon episode 6 is beneath. Warning: Spoilers forward.

The longer term is now

Rhaenyra Targaryen was getting married to Ser Laenor Velaryon, final we noticed her. On this episode, the very first thing we see is Rhaenyra giving beginning. It is a boy! Besides it is not the Rhaenyra we all know. Now 10 years older, the princess is performed by Emma D’Arcy as a substitute of Milly Alcock. 

The second factor we see, actually because the little one is delivered, is a messenger coming in saying the queen desires to see the kid. What impeccable timing.

Accompanied by Ser Laenor, who’s additionally all grown up now, the 2 stumble to the queen’s chambers. The queen can be a brand new girl. She’s now performed by Olivia Cooke as a substitute of Emily Carey. 

Rheaneyra Targaryen and Laenor Velaryon. 


The household is joined by grandpa Viserys, who’s one way or the other nonetheless alive. He collapsed on the finish of episode 5, over 10 years in the past. He appears to be like older and extra sickly — rather more sickly — however he is nonetheless kicking.

They’re calling the infant boy Joffrey, Ser Laenor publicizes, in honor of the lover Laenor misplaced on the marriage night time. (He would not announce that second bit.)

“Do preserve making an attempt, Ser Laenor,” Queen Alicent says privately to the prince as she bids him adieu. “Sooner or late you may get one that appears such as you.” 

Seems younger Joffrey is definitely the blissful couple’s third little one. Nicely, Rhaenyra’s third little one: They’re truly fathered by Ser Harwin Robust. Harwin is the son of the Hand of the King, Lyonel Robust, and was the man who rescued Rhaenyra within the wedding ceremony brawl throughout episode 5. Rhaenyra and Laenor have apparently struck a discount: So long as he pretends to be father of her kids, Laenor is free to like as he pleases.


Ser Harwin Robust, the daddy of Rhaenyra’s kids.


Queen Alicent and Viserys now have 4 kids, three boys and one woman. They’re distinctly Targaryen, with silver hair, whereas Rhaenyra’s boys have wavy brown locks. We see all six of the boys within the dragon pit studying easy methods to bond with and command dragons.

The youngsters play a prank on Alicent’s youngest — Aemond — telling him they’d bought him a dragon however presenting him with a pig strapped with fake wings. Basic zinger. The queen is not having it, confronting King Viserys in regards to the bigger problem of who fathered Rhaenyra’s kids.

“I’ve raised this matter earlier than and you’ve got forbade me to talk of it, so I held my tongue,” she tells Viserys. “To have one little one like that could be a mistake, to have three is an insult to the throne, to you, to Home Velaryon and the match you battled so onerous to make for her.” 

Viserys shrugs her off with a parable about some stallion he as soon as had, and causes that nature is mysterious. 

“The implications of an allegation just like the one you toy at could be dire,” Viserys warns. “Don’t communicate of this once more,” he provides, with a kiss on the cheek. 

That is the tip of that — for Viserys. Queen Alicent is fuming although, and lets off steam to none aside from Ser Criston Cole, whom she saved from suicide on the finish of episode 5. 

“She flaunts the privilege of her inheritance with out disgrace. She expects everybody within the Purple Hold to disclaim the reality our eyes can all plainly see,” she vents.

“The princess Rhaenyra is brazen and relentless, a spider who stings and sucks her prey dry,” Criston provides. 

These 10 years weren’t sufficient to uninteresting the sting of rejection, it appears.


Queen Alicent and Ser Criston Cole. 


The love of a father

In episode 5, all these moons in the past, Otto Hightower gave Alicent the 411 on succession: When Rhaenyra takes the throne, Alicent’s kids will turn out to be threats to her reign, so she’ll must put them to the sword.

Now, Queen Alicent is the one warning her little one of the exact same factor. We see Aegon Targaryen masturbating outdoors of his chamber home windows — the thrills of royalty — however he is interrupted by his mum. She reprimands Aegon for taunting his little brother with the pig gag, and says they should be a unified entrance in public.

“As issues stand, Rhaenyra will ascend the Throne and [her firstborn son] Jacaerys Targaryen shall be her inheritor… if Rhaenyra comes into energy, your very life could possibly be forfeit. Aemon’s as effectively. She is going to transfer to chop off any problem to her succession.” 

“You’re the king’s firstborn son, and what they know, what everybody within the realm is aware of, of their blood and of their bones, is that sooner or later you shall be our king.” 

She then walks off. Not a point out of the wanking-out-of-the-window factor. 


Rhaenyra’s kids, Lucerys and Jacaerys.


Viserys is hoping the reply to all this friction is a few basic schoolyard tomfoolery. Lords do not have schoolyards, although. They’ve preventing grounds, and Viserys is watching his grandsons practice collectively. 

“That is the stuff, Lyonel,” the grandfatherly king says in an avuncular tone. “Practice collectively, knock one another down, decide one another up, you may definitely kind a lifelong bond, would not you agree?”

Clearly, it is a dangerous omen.

Queen Alicent’s silver-haired kids are pummeling a strawman when Ser Criston, who as Kingsguard knight is answerable for coaching the royal boys, suggests they attempt to fence with him. Aegon and Aemon attempt to fail to hit the grasp with their swords. 

At that time, Ser Harwin, who’s been lurking round, suggests “the youthful boys might do higher with a little bit of your consideration, Ser Criston.”

That little remark finally ends up inflicting an enormous fuss. 


Ser Criston Cole trains the royal boys, however to not Harwin Robust’s satisfaction.


Ser Criston takes exception, and instructs Jacaerys to a one-on-one swordfight with Aegon. It is eldest son versus eldest son, regardless of the unfair gulf in age.

Ser Criston coaches Aegon, whereas Harwin shouts recommendation to Prince Jacaerys. Ultimately, Harwin steps in when Jacaerys is down and Cole shouts for Aegon to strike him with an enormous ol’ blow. Viserys, watching from the balconies, watches on with grave concern.

“Your curiosity within the princelings coaching is sort of uncommon, commander. Most males would solely have that emotion for a cousin, or a brother… or a son.”

After which it is on. Harwin tackles Cole to the bottom and beats him bloody. Harwin is pulled off, and we see an enormous smile throughout Cole’s bloody face. 

Rhaenyra is alerted to an incident within the courtroom, and as she walks to satisfy Harwin she eavesdrops on a dialog between Hand of the King Robust and his son. 

“Your intimacy with the Princess Rhaenyra is an offense that might imply exile and demise for you, for her, for the kids,” Lord Robust berates his son. “Folks have eyes, boy. But his grace the king, it appears, won’t settle for what his eyes see. This flimsy protect alone stands between you and the headsman.” 

Stepstones, once more

Rhaenyra is in her chamber when Laenor stumbles in, just a little drunk. Battle is afoot within the Stepstones once more, and he is energized in regards to the concept of going off to combat — just a little journey enlivens the blood. 

“Are you mad,” Rhaenyra barks, bringing him again to actuality. There are darkish, foul rumors and insinuations about their sons — no time for his or her father to go away the nest.

“I’m a knight, and a warrior, and I’ve performed my half right here faithfully, for 10 years,” he replies. Laenor says the smart sailor flees the storm as it’s gathering, however Rhaenyra instructions, as his queen, that he keep by her aspect.

Hell of a trump card there.

In the meantime, whereas all this is happening, Daemon has been fathering Velaryon kids too. He is wed Laena Velaryon — we noticed him chat her up on the finish of episode 5 — and the pair have two ladies collectively. Laena is pregnant with a 3rd little one.

Early within the episode, we see Daemon and the household sharing a meal with some lord bloke. They’re in Pentos, and Lord Bloke asks if Daemon and his household — and his dragons — will keep in Pentos. The Triarchy, who Daemon helped defeat years in the past, are stirring up hassle once more. If Daemon and his dragons expel them, he’ll be rewarded with gold aplenty. 

Daemon’s into the thought, however Laena is not as stoked. 



As Daemon mulls whether or not he’ll combat the Triarchy, the King’s Small Council is doing exactly the identical. It is evident the Small Council has turn out to be a political battleground, as its two loudest voices are that of Queen Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra. 

When the Stepstones and the Triarchy’s new association with Dorne comes up, Rhaenyra suggests defending the realm Daemon gained a decade in the past with males and tools. The queen says that may be too pricey, however Rhaenyra fires again that struggle could be extra pricey nonetheless. 

But after the assembly, Rhaenyra has a daring, conciliatory proposition. She apologizes for the strife their households have felt of late, and means that her son, Jaecerys, and Alicent’s daughter, Helena, be wed. That approach, their two households can unite and rule the Seven Kingdoms collectively.

King Viserys is stoked. Simply unbelievably blissful. Alicent is cooler on the supply, thanking Rhaenyra and promising to contemplate it.

“How sweetly the fox speaks when it is being cornered by the hound,” Queen Alicent says to King Viserys. 

Lyonel Robust comes to go to the flustered king, informing Viserys he is resigning as Hand of the King. Harwin’s outburst was a shame, and it is one Lord Robust must pay for. 

“Youthful Harwins’ outburst was unlucky, it is true, however he is been expelled from the Metropolis Watch,” Viserys protests. “Certainly that is punishment sufficient?”

Lord Robust says a shadow is being forged over his home, and that it is damaging each his popularity and that of his home. Viserys calls for he title the shadow — that’s, verbalize the rumor that Harwin Robust has fathered Rhaenyra’s kids — and Queen Alicent jumps in, daring him as effectively. However Harwin will not, so the King would not settle for the resignation.

However Viserys does enable Lord Robust to escort his son again to Harrenhal. The implication right here is Lord Robust is frightened his son will get discovered and summarily executed. 

A pal in want

Whereas King Viserys is endorsed by Lyonel, the queen will get recommendation from a Robust of her personal — “Clubfoot” Larys Robust, who in episode 5 comforted Alicent within the Godswood. 

Although Larys is basically her Grasp of Whispers, tonight it is Alicent filling Larys in on the goss. Larys’ father tried to resign, she tells him, however the king would not enable it. 

“The Hand is compromised by the acts of his son,” Larys says. “My father can not give unbiased council to the king.”

Alicent bemoans the absence of her father, Otto Hightower, who she says could be courageous sufficient to talk fact to the king. Larys reminds her it is a stretch to name Otto neutral on this matter.

“No, however he’d be a fan of me,” she bursts out with frustration. “In all of King’s Touchdown is there nobody to take my aspect?”

Daemon’s resolution

Home of the Dragon’s creators appear to have a factor for confronting beginning scenes. Because the episode winds down, we see Laena Targaryen giving beginning to her third little one with Daemon. But it surely’s not going effectively, and a physician offers Daemon the identical selection Viserys bought in episode 1: It can save you the infant, however you may must sacrifice the mom.

Daemon, allegedly the dangerous Targaryen, refuses. 

The infant is misplaced, however that does not save Laena. Ashamed at being unable to bear Daemon a boy, she prostrates herself in entrance of her dragon and yells “Dracarys.”

Daemon runs to attempt to save her, however would not make it in time. 


Daemon making an attempt to consolation his now motherless kids. 


A son’s love

Harwin Robust takes his go away, and bids Rhaenyra and the boys a farewell. After they see him off, Rhaenyra’s oldest little one asks the inevitable query.

“Is Harwin Robust my father? Am I a bastard?”

“You’re a Targaryen,” she solutions, ruffling his hair. “That is all that issues.” 

With Harwin gone from King’s Touchdown, Rhaenyra is not sticking round both. She finds Ser Laenor, swordfighting within the courtyard along with his lover, one Qarl Correy, and tells him they’re completed within the capital.

“We’re completed right here” she says, telling Laenor they’re flying to Dragonstone. “We should always have left years in the past.”

Laenor is alarmed and saddened — however Rhaenyra tells him to deliver his lover. “We’ll want each sword we are able to get.” 

Sadly, Harwin will not be capable of be part of them. 


“Clubfoot” Larys Robust.


Somewhat earlier within the episode, we noticed Larys within the King’s Touchdown dungeons, enlisting convicted criminals on a process he wants assist with. That process, it seems, was to kill his father and brother. We see Hand of the King Robust and Harwin Robust arriving at Harrenhal and, later that night time, a hearth breaks out in Harwin’s chambers. The dodgy chaps Larys recruited are seen on the scene of the crime.

“They’re useless?” an alarmed Queen Alicent asks Larys Robust.

“The queen makes a want. What servant of the realm won’t try to meet it?”

The queen is trembling with shock and nervousness. Larys, who has killed his father and brother, is cool as a cucumber. 

“Larys, I didn’t want for this.”

“I really feel sure you’ll reward me,” Larys says, twirling a flower in his hand, “when the time is correct.” 


Queen Alicent and the sickly King Viserys.


Main takeaways

There’s rather a lot to remove from Home of the Dragon episode 6. Presumably most important is “Clubfoot” Larys Robust, who’s now a serious component within the coming Targaryen combustion. The rivalry between Rhaenyra and Alicent has till now been political: Otto Hightower was dismissed, not killed, as was Harwin Robust earlier on this episode. 

Now, because of Larys, that is all modified. The primary blood within the Targaryen civil struggle has been spilled. And his service got here with a risk: He tells Alicent he is certain she’ll pay him again for this alleged favor she’s been paid. By no means belief a man who twirls flowers whereas he talks to you. 

Daemon Targaryen performed a comparatively minor function on this episode. His storyline with Laena felt rushed — her demise was confronting, and just a little abrupt. However now Daemon’s spouse is gone, as is the daddy of Rhaenyra’s kids. That opens the 2 Targaryens as much as doubtlessly hyperlink up, particularly now that Rhaenyra has made a house in Dragonstone.

The opposite huge query is how lengthy King Viserys can maintain on. A lot was manufactured from his willful blindness to Rhaenyra’s antics, however even nonetheless it is the king who’s holding King’s Touchdown collectively. When he is gone, struggle between the 2 Targaryen factions will comply with. He is previous and infirm now. It may possibly’t be lengthy.

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